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Rama Suresh as Dr. Alphonso A. Doss, R.B.Bhaskaran, C.Dakshinamurthy and G.Raman.

Inspired at an early age by Vincent Van Gogh and K.M.Adimoolam's paintings, Rama Suresh took to working with knife. Now, the vibrant colors and realistic work with knife denotes his signature style. His depictions of life in India started right from his first show “The Colour of Nature”.

“ I want my art to appeal to everyone and be understood by people of all ages. In today's world where everyone looks to the west to enrich their lives, I am inspired by the inherent ethnicity in our culture. Traveling all through India , I have painted real life portraits of people and places that have had a huge impact on me. I hope that my paintings have a similar effect on its viewers.”

Though a south-Indian, Rama Suresh has established himself as an artist that understands the lives of people in Rajasthan. His master pieces also concentrate on creating a long-lasting impression on people through the body language and postures of his figures rather than their facial expressions. He has experimented with various techniques of texture and colour and believes in art adding character and value to people's lives. He takes time and care and pours his soul into each painting. This artist has taken a vow to preserve our culture and dying traditions and wants the world to open its eyes and take a look - at him, at India.

News Articles

“… The characters of these finely created works are real people and display that aroma all around them. They are earthly and tangible and elicit positive responses from the audience. And in order to make them more earthy, the impasto technique has been used by the artist for providing a semblance of relief. …”
- R.S.Yadav
National Herald, New Delhi, March 31, 2006.

“ … His artscape maintains a uniqueness and individuality in all the frames he has managed to capture through his paint and brush… His paintings very thoughtfully titled ‘Postcards from India' urge the public to look beyond the lines, curves and shades to the simplicity and naturalness of rural folk in India.”
- Geetha Ganesh Karthik
The New Indian Express, Chennai, July 18, 2005

“ … These paintings prod the viewer to reach out and touch them. Thick layers of paint shaped with broad knife strokes make for an intensely sensual viewing experience… There is a return to realistic representation but the strokes are obviously abstract. Colours suddenly blossom in the middle of the occasional canvas dominated by white and grey…The pleasure lies in the manner in which it reworks the picture-postcard moment. The picture on a postcard is frozen, flat moment, where the figure of the ‘rustic villager' is offered up for display as iconic of rural India. Suresh gives texture to the moment and makes it so tangible. In doing so, he also gives a sense of the absence of energy and complexity in the ‘postcard moment.' ”
- J.Malarvizhi
The New Indian Express, Chennai, July 21, 2005.

“ … Suresh brings alive scenes if rural life from various parts of India , specially Rajasthan and Gujarat . Colourfully clad women are shown going about their daily chores… Men are seen taking bullocks to the fields, driving hay-laden carts and so on. Suresh is able to capture expressions of the people well, using vibrant hues…”
- Lakshmi Venkatraman
The Hindu, Chennai, August 13, 2003.

“… The brilliant work is of Rama Suresh. His gully in Rajasthan is so real – right up to the wedges on the cobbled path. Done in brown and dirty white mostly, the painting is given a sharp relief by a bright red turban sported by a native, wearily tracing the cobbled path…”
- Jemima Raman
The New Indian Express, Chennai, May 16, 2003.